You are a loyal little ball of energy and fun fun chewy stuff!


Note: Statistically you are the most likely of all the different results to complain about what you got on a forum or journal.


got them here (thanks ramee)

You’re always keen to seize a good opportunity, but like to weigh up whether it meets your standards or not first. You won’t compromise on quality, but that doesn’t mean it has to be top op the range. Whether it’s guys, food or even a movie, you try not to judge on first impressions and always consider the pros and cons before making a decision. It’s a good balance and one that’s sure to help you through life.

A GAME-BOY. Youre like a tomboy without the love of sports. Reality sucks, but as long as you have your electronics you feel you can cope. Time goes unnoticed when youre locked in your room hooked up to your Nintendo, rocking to your favourite collection of guitar-driven albums. Your virtues: Intelligence, sense-of-humour, individuality. Your flaws: Inability to cope with real life, action-freak spirit, reclusive nature. EXTRA: Your personality type is the only one on this quiz that would enjoy Check it out!



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