i feel so computer-daft, everyone else has great xanga pages when i can’t even get a background image.

one more day of summer vacation until the day we’ve been waiting for (“the day of reckoning?” “arbor day?” “the day the music died?” no.) what a bloody scary concept. (i think i’ve memorized the british words i wrote on the mirror unconsciously :D) i’ll put my schedual here vaguely not that anyone reads this eh?

calculus:spanish 7-8:world history:ens

not going to be crazy anal lady with AP classes all year, but i anticipate feeling paranoid with everyone else excelling above me

to summarize summer, i learned to sew and my first year of psychology, my mom found the Lord (again) and i was permitted to hang out with elizabeth towards the end, parents admitted that they can’t control/shelter me and if i wanted to get a mohawk it’s my decision (i don’t but it’s nice to have the option), worked on guitar, lots of tv/computer/cooking/music

getting purple contacts tomorrow-brace yourself


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