friend sent this to me and yeah it’s been around the internet for years but never filled out. i haven’t seen her in so long but reading her answers makes me remember how run-of-the-mill Ohio was. i used to love it’s simplicity but the thing was i didn’t fit. trying to put off doing portfolio so here’s the fruit of my labor:

Full Name: Bing Bing Xia
*~* Birthday: 1/20/88                                    *~* Location: San Diego CA
*~* School/Mascot/Color: Westview, wolverine, black tan 😛                                                  *~* Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Capricorn cusp
*~* Shoe Size: 8 or something don’t know.
*~* Pets: my last fish died, good riddance (sorry blinky)
*~* Siblings:Anastasia, milo, pierre, frankie, oliver, agnus, cloe
*~* Eye color: black, potnetially purple                                                          *~* Movie: Amelie and i’m sure spinal tap if i ever watch it…
*~* Song: reshaplebasham…how can i possibly choose?
*~* Store: how daft, uh…
*~* Relative: i suppose an aunt
*~* Sport: fishing unless there’s one that is less physically draining                                           *~* Ice Cream Flavor: tiramisu?
*~* Fruit: fruit makes me so happy, embrace all fruit!
*~* Candy: some fruit type whatchamacallit          *~* Car: great uh, mini cooper or old type beetle named yoko with a million bumper stickers           *~* Class: all depends on teacher
*~* Holiday: i have no memory of truly celebrating any holiday except my birthday                         *~* Day of the Week: not mon, tue, or wed
*~* Magazine: spin and NME, not that we have it
*~* Name for a Girl: what’re you asking for i don’t want children. beebe’s good.                             And for a Boy: Milo                                          *~* Hair color: blaque
*~* Hobbies: let’s save us both some time         *~* Nicknames: bing bong, beebe, bees, beezer, moonkist, beebs, beesquared, aubergine beebe
*~* Where were you born? china hospital (scares me to death) translated to the third hospital or something? they spent some creativity on that one
*~* Are you a night or a morning person: night but poor morning never gets a fair chance
*~* Are you ticklish? i’m saying no so you won’t try
*~* Do you believe in God? i’m saying no as well
*~* What do you want to be when you grow up? anything that i love. but it better be outside of america
*~* What was the worst day of your life? i remember saying it once on a bad day. that’s about it…
*~* What is your most embarrassing story? i basically have none and feel like i’m missing out on sone higher level. i know this will cost me some friends                                                          *~* What has been the best day of your life? ah who cares. let’s make it tomorrow
*~* Do you have a crush? no but i really want one. crush soda that is.
*~* Do they know? well i just don’t think inanimate objects can sense that sort of thing.
*~* What are you most scared of? being late (not like THAT)
*~* What do you usually think about before you go to bed? what the hell i have to do the next day in school. that’s how much it dominates
~~~~~~Do You~~~~~~

*~* Like to give hugs? at times
*~* Take walks in the rain? always if it’d rain
*~* Sleep with or without clothes on? this is barmy, assume what you will. did they run out of good questions?
*~* Prefer black or blue pens? here’s a good one i knew they weren’t drifting. black.
*~* Dress up on Halloween? i wish but it’s all “too old” this and “useless” that                               *~* Have a job? not now and hopefully never though i don’t think that’ll last.
*~* Like to travel? doooo i ever!
*~* Like someone, do they know? i like many people and make a point of tell them. i like you!              *~* Think your attractive? “your”? is attractive something that belongs to me? i do like my little attractive, it’s so furry.
*~* Want to marry? in the words of craig: nevah!
*~* Have a goldfish? about the only thing i’ve had
*~* Ever have the falling dream? reoccuring falling dreams                                                         *~* Have stuffed animals? less than most, more than only a few
*~* Go on vacation? NO, i’ve NEVER been on vacation. i live in a cave. 
%%%%What do you think about%%%%
*~* Bill Clinton: big nose
*~* Smoking: nice smell, hope i don’t get addicted
*~* Eating Disorders: mystery to me
*~* Jerry Springer: fake
*~* Suicide: not one of those fluffy pastel conversations                                                *~* Tattoos: pretty but beauty is pain
*~* Piercing: anything but ears or the dreaded belly button (B.S. flashback. remember, B.S.= vomit “going to a vomit concert tonight”)
*~* Make-up: also, a mystery to me
— This or That —
*~* Pierced nose or tongue? both or none?
*~* Be serious or funny: the kid who says “it’s not funny” is always so funny
*~* Single or taken? pfft
*~* Simple or Complicated? complicated at the risk of sounding like avril
*~* Law or anarchy? ANARCHY IN THE UK ALL THE WAY
*~* MTV or VH1? MTV2 i suppose
*~* 7th Heaven or Dawson’s creek? was this made in 1998?
*~* Sugar or salt? sugary goodness
*~* Silver or gold? plastic
*~* Tongue or belly button ring? tongue if i had to choose but how do those people eat?
*~* Chocolate or flowers? i want…CDs
*~* Angels or miracles? what’s the difference? just a rhetorical question.
*~* Color or Black-and-white photos? black and white
*~* Sunrise or sunset? lotsa rain
*~* M&Ms or skittles? skittles
*~* Rap or Rock? rock!! darn it my ohio friend said rap and now i wish i was there to beat some sense into those misguided teens. i must to go to visit SOON
*~* Stay up late or sleep in? sleep in
*~* Hot or cold: cold                                     *~* Tall members of the opposite sex or short? tall ones can reach the top shelf
*~* Sun or moon? moon
*~* Diamond or Ruby? diamonds are a girl’s best friend
*~* Left or Right? right
*~* 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? ten aquaintaces is what i have, so yes 
*~* Vanilla or chocolate? chocolate
*~* Kids or not? *shudder*
*~* Cat or dog? dog because i’m allergic
*~* Half empty or Half full? who says “this glass is half empty”?
*~* Mustard or ketchup? ketchup and more ketchup
*~* Newspaper or Magazine? zine’
*~* Spring or Fall? i believe autumn is the right phrase
*~* Give or receive? “spin and retrieve cause i give and recieve because i wanna”                           *~* Rain or snow? snowmen!
*~* Lace or satin? satin, allergic to lace
*~* Happy or sad? happy
*~* Corduroy or plaid? plaid 
*~* Wonder or! amazement? both please
*~* Sneakers or sandals? sneakers and sneaker pimps
*~* Mc Donalds or Burger king? dunno 
*~* Mexican or Italian food? mama mia
*~* Lights on or off? off
*~* Duct tape or scotch tape? scotch tape on my glasses
*~* Candy or pop? popscicle?
*~* house in the city or in the woods? city
*~* Nike or ADIDAS? nike


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