coldplay here tonight….cant go because of it being wednesday…again. AGLLKASGTYRHIKANUK!!!!! next time then…but that’s what i said last time they came to play.

going to switchfoot day after school’s out.

i was writing my reflection when i thought of a good poem to write. i do believe my first poem EVER written outside of school. what’s happening???

Step right up folks to get the most amazing newly developed “Shallow I Change?” foam! Sold in all discount supermarkets.

This foam will elongate your limbs and smooth your wrinkles.

It will soften your hair and lengthen your lashes.

Tinge your lips and light up your skin.

Absorb your fat and enhance your breasts.

Shine your nails and clear out your pores.

Side effects range from mild to serious. They include loss of individual thought, addiction, damage of brain cells, and failure to recognize oneself in mirror.

But all users declare that all is worth it and have learned to deal with these.

Yessiree, sold in all discount supermarkets for only $89 a bottle.


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