found this at great site, sad but true.

“I‘m not talkin’ about love.
Once two people meet, get together, have kids, get married, whatever, let’s hope they’re in love.
I’m talkin’ about-WHY-a White man would be in search of an Asian woman in the first place-WHY-we’re surrounded by the stats showing the high and rising numbers of Asian females marrying Anglo males.
It’s Not coincidence.
It’s growing up seeing Asian women as domestic damsels in distress.
Dependable, obedient little exotic flowers serving every sexual need of their white knight.
It’s the Asian woman growing up in a cocoon of White heroes.
It’s on t.v., the letterboxed screen, in the magazine, on that bathroom wall, in the high school textbook, the teenage romance novel.
I think about what I wanted growing up –
I think about my self-hate –
I think about my fantasies full of Hollywood-white celebrities –
But most importantly, I now understand -WHY-“

came with a really cool shirt i couldn’t get on here. like a singles ad in the newspaper about a white man looking for geisha/china doll/comfort woman/miss saigon/soft spoken/obedient


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