impromptu entry:

i suddenly remembered the weird music phases i have had and must write down before i forget so forgive me. starting with my first cd, and no teasing! these are the bands that are not quite up there with the vines where my room will be covered with memorobilia and i will make up a new religion for, or only download a few of their good songs and play until i’m sick of them. For these it’s more of a need to download all their songs, buy their cds, look into background information, and preach them to others. they’re like the appetizer and desserts compared to the main course and after-dinner mints. still very important and too bad i didn’t do this before.

spice girls (i wouldn’t be saying this if i didn’t trust you)

backstreet boys (ditto)

savage garden

sneaker pimps


the ramones


and recently-motion city soundtrack

sorry again, more like an own record. nothing exciting


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