rejects won. i have the tickets but no ride. someone tell me they can take us in a big car so we don’t have to drive two. (cory?)

white stripes cd…”art rock”! and the gilmore girls sountrack is TOP BANANA. it can only fit so much on it but they’re all good. they would need 5 cds to fit every song they’ve had on the show.

X_x stoned craig ——>

but drugs are bad! “i got high” heard in the loo

“i got high” can mean other things like:

i got high on the computer game i played

you got a low test score? i got high.

i got- *someone walks in room* hi!

i got hiegh (person’s name)

i got high on the amusement park ride. scaaary

i got heii  yah! *karate move*

you see?


One thought on “

  1. it can be likesome japanese guy:ai! got…. HAI! *bow*or…I got hi from lizzie when she passed me in the hallwayor…I got high on the ladder but then beebe knocked me offor…I got high SAT score and now i’m going to berkeley!or…I got high on that physics question, but i think i should get a lower number for the answeror…I GOT HIGH ON THE STOCK MARKET! IT GOING UP IT GO!! (bad grammar from my daddy)hahaha good morning, bee.

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