currently for spring break i have been to UTC, SWAP meet, Disneyland, went to Allyx’s, Kimmi’s, finished painting my chair and bookcase and minor things. before tuesday i need to do homework, finish to kill a mockingbird, finish strokes cover, band rehearsal, get allyx present, guitar lesson and minor things.

australian show on tv tonight! at disneyworld we saw a family with union jacks on their hats but then they turned around and realized it was the australian flag. i wanted to get one but they said they were from australia. who in their right mind would buy an australian flag in australia? pretty soon hamburgers will start eating people and we’ll be wearing shoes on our hands.


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  1. no offense but the australian dude on animal planet scares the living cricket out of my knickers.  *rowr goes the beaver looking tasmanian devil* shiznits…o floj it.  bloody vacation almost over…sorry excuse for a refridgerator.  well i’ll be back, unfortunately.  see you in the next realm
    yours with bees and wasps~~~~
    dorsal fin

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