what is with the pop-ups?!? they download by themselves when i’m online and then they pop up to say that if i want to eliminate pop-ups like this one, i should go to a website. underneath, it says if i want to MAKE pop-ups like this to annoy other people i should go to a different website. then there’s the thing (almost like a virus) that automatically downloads and then pops up to tell me i have a virus and i should click a link to get rid of it. it turns out that it is an advertisement trying to sell anti-virus programs.

my grandparents came to visit for an extended, undecided amount of time. i can say with confidence that many weird things will be put in here from now on.

me to dad before picking them up at airport: i hope they stop mentioning weight but that’s kind of impossible.

grandma: Bing Bing is getting skinnier and taller than before. (hah! is she blind?)

me: ouhhh yeeeaaahh

dad: ha ha *pats my head*

grandma: *looks at mom* you’ve been putting on a few pounds haven’t you?


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