i’m glad i went on the bus for once. The substitute bus driver looked like he should not be operating heavy machinery…he accidently took a wrong turn and crashed into a parked car. It was a strangely satisfying experience because you always see these kids who get a possesed bus driver who drives them to his underground laboratory in the middle of a dessert. This is the closest i’ll ever get to the movies.

portfolio, port-fol-io, p-or-t-foli-o

p or t foli o

pee or tea folie oh.

what’m i doing, i dunno. if your mass is 68 kilograms and you are 6 meters above the ground and gravity is 9.81 m/sec, how much longer would it take for you to hit the ground than a ball whose mass was 40 kilograms that was 7 meters from the ground?

there’s a random physics question that popped into my head, i love reciting it to those who have to do physycs this semester >:)


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