woot, someone in school said i looked like Lane. If i had to look like anyone, thank craig it’s her.

today was extreeeeeemely boring but all mondays are like that. tomorrow at lunch…i think we should stir up some contoversy! we have enough time to rally a riot or something. jared said “you seem like someone who would start a riot. no, you seem like someone who would WANT to start a riot.” That can’t be good…

i have a few bags of homework and guitar. i hate mondays when i’m back from the dead


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  1. hey there stranger…haha.  imsucha hypocrite…srys fer being such a bloody good one to.  haven’t been on and so your my frst comment in forever!  yes it must be because your a vinist…it must. or its just satan.  theres a killer in you and a killer in me…..whoo whered that come frome? extra long comment that will never make up for all the times ive missed with you.  drink my liquid. eww..  soda crackers rock and i love olives,  egg plant (its a conspiracy!), peaches, mangos, salad, avocado, plums, soup….
    i love yah

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