geez, now my dad is sick so i can’t go to get the cool green pants i saw in the store yesterday.

i think i had the dream last night because i ate sort of right before i went to sleep. it really is true you dream if you eat before. i was at some sort of function and i think i was early. then lo and behold, the white stripes were right in front of me standing around because no one was croawding around them (because i was so early?) and i walked by and said “hey meg, nice hair. you too jack” or something along the lines of that. i heard them saying how great it was no one was asking for autographs and it suddenly reminded me that i wanted one. I ran back and asked for one but i didn’t have anything for them to sign then meg took out this really weird bracelet with their pictures on it and they signed it.

now, i dunno what that’s supposed to mean. i expect an analysis from the reader. just post it in my comments and that’d be great.


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