french really does sound more sophisticated than spanish…too late to change.

there are these chinese farce/skit type things. my mom is cracking up watching those but i dunno why she never laughs at my jokes.

in ohio i had a not-really-good

sorry to cut that off. wowie wowza. other kinda-friend from ohio just asked me if i knew any heavy metal songs without cussing! waaaaa i feel so special that she would think to ask me, we’re not close.

to what i was about to say, In Ohio i had a not-really-good-but-knew-for-long-time friend that had the best taste in music since we were in like 5th grade. no one knew it at the time but i’ve realized he was waaay ahead of all of us in the music department. we were listening to backstreet boys when he was listening to cake and lit. apparently he started learning guitar a while ago and is now very “far” so i’ve heard. makes you feel pretty lame when you think about it. though i don’t envy his love of blink182 x(


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