went to knott’s berry farm yesterday, making yearly trip on valentines day as tradition. knew some music allyx liked but i didn’t know we would have such similar tastes. kim says she saw vines bumper stickers, must keep my eyes peeled for them but they must not be official. there were so many things that need to be written down in the ‘books’ but we forgot all about that.

walkie talkies at knotts is a great time consumer if you don’t like rides. first we picked up a girl saying she’s at the merry-go-round, so we went there. she was “getting on the pretty horsie” but that wasn’t such a great hint as to which one she was on amongst the 30 horses. (i rode ozzy ostrich) ramee said “look behind you!” and that really scared them.

later in gift store,

someone: sheila! are you there?

me (high pitch): this is sheila

someone: yeah, we’re waiting for you, the bus is leaving without us!

me: i’ll be right there

someone: you promise? we’re waiting

(oh no, i’m not getting into it *hands to kim*)

someone: you wanna go to the candle store and steal some wax?

kim: totally!

someone: yeah man.

someone: hello? are you speechless or did you fall down?

kim: ugh, i fell down.

(things said that i forgot/couldn’t hear, they figured we weren’t sheila)

someone: let’s meet at the ______(that white mountain)

kim: we’re not in disneyland

someone: then you pick the place!

too hard to recall all of it. ramee ranted to him a bit, he wanted to ask a question but never did, i said i was from australia,

ramee: you know there are like 4 sheila’s in the park

someone: that’s what i’m hoping honey, it’s valentines day (?)


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