hm coldplay in going to be be in town again, there are so many bands that have come here for the tenth time but do the vines come here? nooooo and there was only that one time they came, i tried hard to go but the only person that went is that guy who ended thinking they sucked and reminds me everytime i wear the shirt.

i dun like how the radio calls the music that they just started playing “new music”. most of its half a year old, true they can’t play all the songs of an artist in the same time period but months later they take another song from the same cd and call it new.

no let me swim today, heater broken. relative visiting soon so it will be a while before i make up these swims.

time to depart! i’m gonna throw homewok to the wind and have fun tonight! going to go play solataire.

L: we are young and fiery women! what’s this about homework and shopping lists? where’s, ‘to hell with it all’?! where’s, ‘throwing caution to the wind’?! where’s – oh shoot, the linen delivery.

R: You go, girl.


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