whew i feel a lot more productive than yesterday. now i have my homeroom teacher and mr. opstad on my side and my dad’s calling the counseler. give me a week to make things proper…

well goodness knows i have a lot to complain about so i’ll change the subject: i think paperclips are a nice invention. they keep you organized and if you get those black thingies (doobries) for lots of paper, it’s an even better deal. now i dunno what propellerhead would invent a paperweight, i.e. large heavy stone to put on to papers because when you lift it up to get a piece, all the others blow away if there’s a breeze, which is why i’m assuming you use paperweights in the first place, to keep them from blowing away. whereas a paperclip will hold all your papers and when you need one it slips out easy as butter. plus they are a lot easier to store than a big lump of glass, and they are less likely to break if you slam them on the ground. Also, they can come in pretty colors and designs, and are great for making those bead-things that are hung across doors. you know what i’m talking about, those nice chains that you walk through and if there’s ever a burglar you’ll hear at the first sign. if this isn’t already true i really think the inventor of paper clips hould be given five cents for each clip that is sold or at least a corn dog.


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  1. lol!  funnyness….i readur site and i totally understand what ur going thru….of course srys about beinng a meany at school.  just regualr bobulator stuff as usuall.  tho he hasnt made his usual appearence yet…wonder where he is…..haha we dress out tomm.  sucks…..man….bloody cricket. i resent that.  that is an injustice….

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