hmmmm ahhh!

Your are 39% Tortured Artist

You have some artistic ability, but it is probably a hobby and doesn’t drive your life into a dark abysmal hole were you alone are against the world.

Love the auburn hair! You seem to have excellent music taste, are artsy, and are smart and funny. Living such a balanced life must get kind of tiring, but you do it well. You seem the least fake of all the others, tho I’ve never seen anyone with truly natural auburn hair, so you must’ve dyed it, which in turn makes your hair fake, and that messes me up! Thanks a bunch.

You Are 55% Eccentric!

You are probably branded as the ‘Oddball’ among your group of friends.
You are obsessed with the paranormal and anything that’s weird and stands out, even if it’s completely useless.
You often get strange looks thrown your way (like the time you dressed up as a chicken just for the hell of it).
You don’t try to be eccentric, but somehow you just end up being that way.
However, you don’t mind because you’re just being yourself and having fun doing that.

too many singers!


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