well well…looks like one of my dreams is about to come true

oh yes, before i get into that, THE SEMESTER ENDED TODAY! I think i got away with only a minor concussion and some scratches. now i just pray that they put me into art instead of business, that sorry excuse for a class. (sorta just kidding) Hopefully they won’t move around any other classes because it’s going quite well, I have katelyn and others in ENS (liz in same period) Lai and someone i forgot in English, doesn’t matter who i have in art, and probably some people i know in spanish that i was with this semester. they keep telling me these scheduals could totally change, i won’t believe it…

to the exciting news, i’m most likely going to go to europe this summer with maya and some other people i dont know, hopefully allyx. I say most likely in case I die before then or the world implodes.


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