apparently i only have 13 more days of xanga premium so i gotta work overtime. how to do. . .

about a boy came out some time last week, it’s great can’t wait to get it as a present. I’m not as obsessed with the UK as i seem, just once you make some friends from there, get a catalouge of UK merchandise, watch some movies with accents, you can’t help it. can’t wait till’ Bethany lends me her ‘fawlty towers’ dvd. we were talking about movies and i remembered these old disney (i think) movies that i LOVED when i was six and i hadn’t thought of them for years, i can’t believe it came to me in math-of course lots of things come to you in Mr. D’s class- to the reader: did you see those movies like “bedknobs and broomsticks” or “chitty chitty bang bang” that bears a striking resemblence to my name? and of course “mary poppins” and “charlie & the chocolate factory”. that got me thinking of “that darn cat” which was a favorite.

TCIF, not G as geee but C as seee, hopefully you know where i’m going with this. finally one day without doing any work, then monday will be great so I’m really going to go all out this weekend, stock up on streamers and noisemakers, maybe even not take out the garbage, *gasp*


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