after yesterday’s entry we need a light one. a million thanks to maya for the great cd’s, i feel so connected to all this music lately.

today was an awesome day, i did everything i usually do on mondays but nothing bad happened! not too much homework, no fights, no feel sick. i gotta find that song from gilmore girls (new episode tomorrow!)  they play all the time where it goes “la la la la….” it would be so nice if we could have background music like in the movies and tv.  but most of the time we always have some kind of song stuck in our head that suffices.

Lai: “Still Waiting stuck in my head!”

eww bad song.

back to what i was saying, i wish every day was like this! not really eventful but when you’re just satisfied with everything in life.


Kimmi: “One week!”

me: “till what?”

Kimmi: “think about it!”

me: “ohhhh! I didn’t even remember!”

Note: Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a very special day for two very important people.


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