take note of what i am currently (or was) reading, it’s ace.

Kinda weird that the “blue haired chick” in kim’s words won princess, but she does have that fan club of hers. (sorry i admit i’m kinda jealous that she’s allowed to dye her hair blue, even though it looks like green algea) it made me think that even though there are all these groups who, relatively, hate each other, they’re really similar if you look at the basics. it annoys me that she has an air like she’s above many of the people in our school, most of all the preppier ones. all these cliques are completely the same except maybe one little thing, like they don’t listen to the same music, or one cares more about studying, or one flirts more, or a different taste in clothes. i wish we could all see the similarities we have instead of the differences because then those who feel above/beneath other kids will realize they’re practically the same.

thought: why is it so common that no one want’s to be common?

“the anit-clique clique”


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