had really funny class in mr. dimicali’s today. a classic.

nooo big project i have to work on for world geo. fiddlesticks, when i was walking to class mr. steel saw part of my shirt and said “the hines”. later he realized his mistake, not that it makes much a difference because i think  :shudder:  that he listens to hip hop because he knew how to sing these songs and KEEPS MAKING J. LO REFERENCES WHEN WE ARE LEARNING ABOUT LATIN AMERICA. thank craig i’m not jenny, she gets it a lot.

after math was sort of a sad episode. I looked down and couldn’t find my union jack pin that was on weezerkitty so i looked all around but couldn’t find it. it may be a blessing in disguise though because danielle felt very simpathetic and said she know’s where to get those patches for my birthday.

look at the time, catch you on the flipside


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