Thought: Why does school have to start on Monday?

I’d really like to see LOTR but my friends have either seen it or don’t want to I think i will ask around a bit more.

the subject for today’s entry is sushi. I love it! I’ll eat it at any given time. So today i made sushi, it wasn’t my first time but i wanted to take a different approach. How the hell do they get it that flavor in restaurants?? It’s the darndest thing, i’ve been trying to figure out. that’s what i was trying to do while making it but it turned out to be the worst batch i’ve ever made. only my mom liked it so she’ll be having sushi for the next couple days…

i finally heard ‘get free’ on the charlie’s angels trailer. It wasn’t even a commercial, just this entertainment show so i only heard the very first part where it goes, *makes guitar sound*


ahh my mom just told me that her stomach feels really bad, i hope i didn’t poison her.


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