Finished going to the zoo with parents, parents’ friends, and parents’ friends’ kids. Went to look for shoes but didn’t find any particularly good. All that’s left today is some other parents’ friends coming to eat dinner. Should be easy because they don’t have any children yet.

How’s the font? I think it’s ‘electroharmonic’ i hope this premium thing will last.

about tv: I don’t really like ‘friends’ but there’s that British version that hilarious. mainly because they talk in a british accent  but the dialouge is also spiffy. If you can, watch “coupling”. It supposedly has more talk of sex but IT”S SET IN ENGLAND! I’ll probly watch “Alias” tonight although I think it’s a rerun.

Thought: “How does ink come out of pens?”

FYI-“About a Boy” comes out in Janruary!


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