Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Yesterday’s Craigmas celebration was somewhat of a hit. I recieved MANY pwetty guitar picks and a Simpsons watch I’ve wanted from Kimmi. We were racking our brains to think of traditions. After a few websites, tv, shows, and movies (Maya and I stayed for quite a while) we decided to go out to the garage, because what a good band without the help of a garage? Plus, 3/4 of the Cubic Eeels were there. We just thought it would give us some kind of inspiration, but actually it smelled terrible because of her cats. I’m going off on a tangent…

ok, the main thing is, we were sitting on the couches and Kim’s eyes brightened and she lept up because she saw a kareoke machine.

K: “It’s right by the Igloo!”

that wasn’t the best description so it took me a long time to find the kareoke machine shoved on the shelves. after that it was smooth sailing. AND! the machine ALSO RECORDS stuff so you know what that means. for a while we tuned into radio stations and sang with songs we knew. had to compromise because we like different radio stations so everytime a song ended, someone jumped up to change it to theirs. All in all, it was a great tradition that i hope will be passed on to later years when we celebrate Craigmas on the 23rd.


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