well this is quite a surprise, i’m still writing here. noooo, my cousin is coming tomorrow and i’m deathly afraid of him. my neighbor’s dog is howling as we speak at the mention of his name. On to happier thoughts, I heard the most stereofidelic song yesterday, called “Swing,swing” by All American Rejects. very finchy.

The Vine Day is almost here! I think it’s tomorrow, but I still haven’t decided. *ashamed* Here are a few plans for whenever the day is:

1. buy fake vines to hang up-$7

2. drink red bull instead of eggnog-$2 per can

3. sing carols to cd-$10

being vinyl-priceless 🙂

There are some things you can’t buy. For everything else, use Mastercard. (prices may vary)

I know that was cheesy, but here we live by my rules! Just thank the vines no one will read this. or are you…


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